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Ceiling Fans - Energy Savings Summer and Winter


The advantages of having ceiling fans

  • An optimum temperature
  • Energy savings

In Summer

The fans rotate and give off a soft breeze that activates air circulation, thus preventing an accumulation of heat in the room.

If you have an air conditioning unit, the fans circulate fresh air evenly. They thus prevent the air conditioning unit from being constantly in use. As a result, there can be an energy savings of up to 40% which lowers the electricity bill.

In Winter

Ceiling fans ans are also useful in Winter. Hot air weighs less than cold air. Therefore, it tends to concentrate near the ceiling. Our ceiling fans rotate inversely to the direction in which they rotate in summer, and make the air accumulated near the ceiling descend. Therefore heat is distributed throughout the room.

Choose the best fan for each room

  • Rooms up to 15 sq m:We recommend a fan with a diameter of less than
    112 cm.
  • Rooms up to 25 sq m: We recommend a fan with a diameter from 112 cm to 122 cm.
  • Rooms up to 40 sq m: We recommend a fan with a diameter from 132 cm to 137 cm.

Fan location

The maximum distance to the floor is 2.3 m. If the distance is greater, the air will not properly reach its target.

The minimum distance from the blade's outer edge to the wall: 0.6 m.


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