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Eutrac® 3 Circuit Surface Track with Data Bus 4 Metre Lengths

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  • White 225-40 6   
  • Black 225-402   
  • Silver 225-403   

The patented EUTRAC surface track with data bus offers the possibility to control luminaires with dimmable or switchable electronic DALI ballasts and DALI transformers. A 7 conductor track with three circuits consists of an extruded aluminium profile which also functions as earth and two inserted plastic profiles carrying four embedded 2.5 mm² copper conductors. The data bus with two nickel plated copper conductors of 1 mm² cross section is integrated into the bottom slot of the track. Any given profile can be easily cut to length on site. It is not necessary to cut back or bend back the conductors . The track has pre-punched oval holes and may be used within handreach. It is certified for the use with the KNX building management system. EUTRAC adaptors with data bus contacts via the SELV safety device allow for compliance with the Safety Extra Low Voltage regulations (SELV according to EN 60950).

The data can be accessed anywhere along the track via the bus adaptors. Adaptors without bus contacts for DALI functions can also use the track with data bus. In this case DALI function would not be available.

NOT a stock item - 2-3 weeks delivery with extra charges. Suggest use 2 x 2m lengths with connector

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