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How to choose Track Lighting

How to choose Track Lighting
Mains Power (High Voltage) or 12 Volts (Low Voltage)

Mains Power (HV) track is generally used in Commercial situations such as Shops, Stores, Galleries and similar. It has the cost advantage of not requiring any transformers.

12 Volts (LV) track tends to have smaller track lighting fixtures more appropriate to homes, for kitchens and more elegant situations.

Toplightco UK Track

We have four different types of HV (High Voltage) Track HV1 Circuit, HV3 Circuit, HV Easytec (Silver-Grey) and HV Easytec (Black). So what's the difference?

Briefly HV 1 Circuit fits directly to the ceiling and the lighting fittings slot into the Track. All the fittings on a length of track switch off and on at the same time.

HV 3 Circuit is the same as above with one important difference - the 3 Circuit refers to the feature that enables you to have up to three separate circuits on each run of track so that you can switch 3 groups of light fixtures on and off at different times.

HV Easytec (Silver-Grey and Black) is different to the above in that it is suspended from the ceiling rather than attached to it and has various different types of suspension arms to deal sloping ceilings and other similar situations.

Toplightco has seven different types of Low Voltage (LV) track

Linux Track 12 Volt track is available in both Silver-grey and beautiful chrome and uses a variety of different suspensions to adapt to most ceiling configurations.

C-Track can be used to make free standing lit displays for show-casing your products in LED or halogen.

LV Wave Sticklight is an elegant system for homes and offices and Cabline another option for shelf lighting. Apollo is yet another type of 12 Volt track lighting but very light weight and discreet.

Our LV Wire Track Lighting system is incredibly versatile and can span wide areas, go round corners, attach to wall or ceiling and is a very competent all-rounder.

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