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Low Voltage Wire Track System - Chrome

Wire Track Instructions

Wire Track Instructions
Wire Track System

This can be one of the hardest systems to specify unless you've done it before!

Please Note:

You cannot dim a wire track system.You cannot use wire track systems in bathrooms.

First of all, calculate what length of wire you are going to need - this is just the distance between your two walls (or ceilings) then multiply by two so that you will have two wires running parallel.

There are two wire widths - 4mm (up to 200 watt loads) and 6mm (up to 300 watt loads).

You will need wall holders at both ends to attach the wire and probably a set of Wire Tighteners to take up any slack.

That's the physical installation taken care of.

To get power to the Wire Track you will need to use a (conventional toroidal - not electronic) 12 Volt transformer connected to your 230 Volt mains circuit. We recommend the decorative Manta Transformers which can be mounted adjacent to the Wire Track on wall or ceiling.

However, if you are able to conceal the transformer, you can use any of our inexpensive conventional transformers.

The Link from the transformer to the Wire Track is acheived by connecting a length of wire between your transformer and the Wire Track via a pair of Feed-Ins.

How many lights can I have on my Wire Track System? Make this calculation: Number of Lights x Maximum Wattage of Bulb to be used = Power of transformer required. i.e. 4 x 50 watts = 200 Watts

Tip: The maximum possible number of lights on a single run of Wire Track is 12 x 50 watts. However, by using LED MR16 lamps you can get many more than with traditional halogen lamps because they are such low wattage i.e. 4 - 7 watts each only.

You can acheive this by having 1 x 300 watt transformer at one end, an Isolating Connector in the middle and another 300 watt transformer at the other end.

You can also mount Wire Track parallel to walls and ceilings by use of Deflectors and Tensioner/Holders.

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