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INFORMATION: Specifying HV 1 Circuit Track

INFORMATION: What you need to Order when specifying this Track System


HV 1 Circuit (High Voltage Single Circuit) Track

What does this mean?This is mains powered track (no transformers needed) where all the lights on each run of track are switched on and off at the same time.

HV 1 Circuit Track comes in two metre lengths (which you can cut and/or join) pre-drilled so it can be attached directly to ceiling or wall. It can also be suspended via the 3 metre cable sets.
This is probably one of the most inexpensive and cost effective track you can buy.

What do I need?

1. You need the track itself

2. Connectors (straight, flexible, T etc) if required.

3. Additionally you will need a 'Feed-In' i.e. a method of getting power to the track from your mains point to the track itself.

You can do this using a simple Feed-In which slots into the end of the run of track, or if more convenient use the combined Connector/Feed-In which both connects lengths of track and provides a point to feed power in

4. End Caps to 'close' the run of track - its just a simple plastic cap.5. The light fittings and bulbs.That's it!

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