LED Strip – Up/Down Wall and Ceiling Lighting

 In this example we are using Up/Down aluminium profile to light up the low wall and sloping skeiling (yes skeiling not ceiling!) of a large bedroom in a country cottage.









The LED Drivers necessary are concealed in the roof space above and 12 volt cables run down to the corner where needed.

Here’s an image showing the connection between the 12 v cables and the LED Feed-In. It can all be neatly concealed for a clean finish.

Here’s an image showing both the upper and lower LED tapes connecting to the same driver.



Control for dimming is via Wall Mounted rotary wheel and wireless remote

All this is available from Toplightco!

Why use an independent lighting supplier?

Why use an independent lighting supplier instead of just Googling “cheap led lighting”? (it returns 23,300,000 results by the way!).

Well of course you can do that, but the £1.99 LED Light that lasts 15 years just might be around little longer than the companies that sell them. And when those same lights in your home, shop, store or commercial premises fail you will not only have the hassle, and double installation costs but the original price will suddenly seem much too cheap.

Maybe you’re feeling lucky and you still want to buy cheap, but can you wade through questions like Degrees Kelvin, CRI, Angle of Beam, Lumen output and Lux values?

We deal in those values every day so are well placed to advise you for free, give you support and, should the worst happen, still be here to give backup when you need it years down the line, just like we’ve been doing for more than 11 years now.

Contact us now for good, friendly advice and/or site visit to your project.

Spotlight on Toplightco suppliers: SLV

SLV via Intalite their UK Distributors was where it all started for us 11 years ago when we were looking to move on from just selling light bulbs to lighting.

One day the Big White Catalogue dropped through the letterbox and it was clear that this was the way to go.

We could offer a wide range of all different kinds of lighting to customers up and down the UK in 3-4 working days wherever they were.

We soon found that the quality of the lighting was quite superb, and just as importantly so was the back-up.

Today we are in a different world where non specialist all and sundry websites  like Amazon, Ebay and Wayfair sell everything from Air conditioning to Zip Ties via Lighting!

We are still selling SLV products although we’ve been joined by many others who have depressed prices (good for customers) but who have no real knowledge of the products themselves (bad for customers) leading to unnecessary cost and stress.

Today the range is wider than ever with LED being the lighting technology used in practically all their lights and technology that we used to sell so much of (like metal halide and halogen) being gradually phased out.

SLV themselves have been bought and sold a number of times by institutional investors which makes their future direction a little unclear, but one thing is still the same as always – quality at a fair price.


How far will we go for our customers?

When the shop fitters from a job they were doing using lighting track supplied by Toplightco found that they didn’t have enough track adapters on this Easter holiday weekend, our managing director personally drove the 70 miles from his home to get them out of a fix and make sure the project was delivered on time.

We will literally go the extra mile or miles for our valued customers!

Order EARLY – Yes really early!

I ordered some LED Tape for my own home the other day together with some Aluminium profile for it to go inside. The delivery duly arrived, BUT with 3 Cool White rolls of LED tape instead of what I ordered which was 3 x Warm White 5m rolls!

So I notified the suppliers and they said, no problem, we will send you out a replacement. So a couple of days go by and I get another package, YES with the Warm White LED Tape but only one roll of it!

So I go back to the supplier and ask for 2 more, and wait another couple of days..and so it goes on…

So the moral of the story is, Order early to prevent disappointment!!

What does IC Rated Mean?

When buying recessed downlights for installation in your ceiling, you may have been puzzled about the use of the term “IC Rated”. Put simply this means Insulation Contact and refers to the fact that even LED Downlights can become hot on the outside and if there is packed insulation material around it, there can be a risk of fire.

If your downlight is already IC Rated then no problem, but if not you can add a cage around it to bring it up to the IC Rating. That’s it!

Why Convert to LED Lighting?

Over the last few years, the costs of LED lighting has tumbled significantly meaning more households are considering the switch to the eco-friendly lighting option. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of LED, and are they a good choice for your house?


Energy efficient – LEDs are up to 90% more energy efficient than filament or halogen bulbs.

Long Life – a correctly fitted LED light should last over 50,000 hours, compared to the 5,000 of traditional bulbs.

Durability – LED’s are also somewhat more rugged than traditional lights as they are made of solid material with no filament or tube to break.

Instant turn on– Unlike eco-lights which have a warming up period, LED lights turn on instantly

Controllable – LED’s can be controlled for brightness and colour as well as directionality. This means there’s no light wasted.

Environmentally friendly – As well as great efficiency LEDs contain no mercury or other hazardous substances.


Cost– Although the price of LED bulbs has fallen significantly there is still a higher outright cost price. This will eventually be offset by savings

Over Heating–  Poor quality, or badly fitted LED bulbs are prone to overheating causing the LED to burn out

Directional light– Older LEDs used to emit light like a torch, in straight lines. Although new bulbs have improved the light spread is not quite the same as a standard bulb.

Dimmable compatibility– LED lights are not always compatible with older dimmer units, so a new switch may be needed

LED lamps giving the same warm yellowy colour as halogen

We received this email today:


I am looking to redo my house with Gu10 LEDs (and 1 mr16 in the shower!) and wondered if you do a bulb that is as close to the yellowy colour of halogen and is still dimmable. I like the colour of halogen but just need to get the load down as my light switches are rated to 250w and most rooms have 6-8 gu10s in them. I’d be looking for 40 240v gu10s and 1 12v mr16 the same colour please.

Many thanks

Our Reply:

Both you and the rest of the planet are looking for LED’s giving the same colour as halogen (!) but it’s really not possible as the technologies are so completely different.

One piece of advice – when looking around at GU10 LED’s make sure that whatever you decide on, it’s at least 500 lm otherwise they will just be too dim compared to your existing halogens. Perhaps order one first to test.

However, the very best ones that we have extensively tested and have had some great feedback on are these (Warm White versions):


or if these are too big:


for your 1 x 12v MR16

perhaps the one below


Why cheap LED Lighting costs you in the long run

I went to do a site visit this week to a South Bank London Art Supplies store. Lovely people who had been there a few years and were now ready to update their lighting.

Already in the store was a mix of recessed modular fluorescent panels with a motley mix of different coloured tubes from different replacement cycles and several runs of track with again several different LED lamps in the many tracklights.

The overall effect was a very dull, flat light which did no favours at all either to the products on display or the visitors or staff.

As I explained, the LED after market lamps fitted to the (domestic use) tracklights were neither powerful enough nor the right light for bringing out the colours of the art supplies on the shelves, and frankly could have depressed sales over a long period of time as customers could not appreciate what was in front of them.

The right product lighting to use in a medium sized store like this is metal halide lighting, particularly where colours are important like for instance in clothing stores.

I’ll write more about metal halide lighting in a future post.