How far will we go for our customers?

When the shop fitters from a job they were doing using lighting track supplied by Toplightco found that they didn’t have enough track adapters on this Easter holiday weekend, our managing director personally drove the 70 miles from his home to get them out of a fix and make sure the project was delivered on time.

We will literally go the extra mile or miles for our valued customers!

Order EARLY – Yes really early!

I ordered some LED Tape for my own home the other day together with some Aluminium profile for it to go inside. The delivery duly arrived, BUT with 3 Cool White rolls of LED tape instead of what I ordered which was 3 x Warm White 5m rolls!

So I notified the suppliers and they said, no problem, we will send you out a replacement. So a couple of days go by and I get another package, YES with the Warm White LED Tape but only one roll of it!

So I go back to the supplier and ask for 2 more, and wait another couple of days..and so it goes on…

So the moral of the story is, Order early to prevent disappointment!!