Why use an independent lighting supplier?

Why use an independent lighting supplier instead of just Googling “cheap led lighting”? (it returns 23,300,000 results by the way!).

Well of course you can do that, but the £1.99 LED Light that lasts 15 years just might be around little longer than the companies that sell them. And when those same lights in your home, shop, store or commercial premises fail you will not only have the hassle, and double installation costs but the original price will suddenly seem much too cheap.

Maybe you’re feeling lucky and you still want to buy cheap, but can you wade through questions like Degrees Kelvin, CRI, Angle of Beam, Lumen output and Lux values?

We deal in those values every day so are well placed to advise you for free, give you support and, should the worst happen, still be here to give backup when you need it years down the line, just like we’ve been doing for more than 11 years now.

Contact us now for good, friendly advice and/or site visit to your project.

Spotlight on Toplightco suppliers: SLV

SLV via Intalite their UK Distributors was where it all started for us 11 years ago when we were looking to move on from just selling light bulbs to lighting.

One day the Big White Catalogue dropped through the letterbox and it was clear that this was the way to go.

We could offer a wide range of all different kinds of lighting to customers up and down the UK in 3-4 working days wherever they were.

We soon found that the quality of the lighting was quite superb, and just as importantly so was the back-up.

Today we are in a different world where non specialist all and sundry websites  like Amazon, Ebay and Wayfair sell everything from Air conditioning to Zip Ties via Lighting!

We are still selling SLV products although we’ve been joined by many others who have depressed prices (good for customers) but who have no real knowledge of the products themselves (bad for customers) leading to unnecessary cost and stress.

Today the range is wider than ever with LED being the lighting technology used in practically all their lights and technology that we used to sell so much of (like metal halide and halogen) being gradually phased out.

SLV themselves have been bought and sold a number of times by institutional investors which makes their future direction a little unclear, but one thing is still the same as always – quality at a fair price.