Art Gallery Lighting

The lighting in an art gallery is probably the most important factor in a gallery’s success apart from the choice of the artworks themselves.

Think about that. If you have bland washed out lights illuminating fabulous art then it cannot possibly look it’s best nor be as the artist intended it.

Of course every gallery is different. Last year we specified and supplied the lighting for JD Malat’s new gallery in Davies Street Mayfair.

This was a blank sheet of paper with large spaces on two floors to light.

It has been an astonishing success and whilst we would not claim to be solely responsible for that we do feel pride in having been responsible for at least some of that success.

At perhaps the other end of the scale we have lit many other galleries which have far more challenging layouts: low headroom, awkward shapes and ancient buildings!

We are always ready to discuss and advise on any aspect of gallery lighting so if there’s something you need to know then please do get in touch!