LED lamps giving the same warm yellowy colour as halogen

We received this email today:


I am looking to redo my house with Gu10 LEDs (and 1 mr16 in the shower!) and wondered if you do a bulb that is as close to the yellowy colour of halogen and is still dimmable. I like the colour of halogen but just need to get the load down as my light switches are rated to 250w and most rooms have 6-8 gu10s in them. I’d be looking for 40 240v gu10s and 1 12v mr16 the same colour please.

Many thanks

Our Reply:

Both you and the rest of the planet are looking for LED’s giving the same colour as halogen (!) but it’s really not possible as the technologies are so completely different.

One piece of advice – when looking around at GU10 LED’s make sure that whatever you decide on, it’s at least 500 lm otherwise they will just be too dim compared to your existing halogens. Perhaps order one first to test.

However, the very best ones that we have extensively tested and have had some great feedback on are these (Warm White versions):


or if these are too big:


for your 1 x 12v MR16

perhaps the one below