LED lamps no good?

I had an interesting call today. The owner of a recently opened clothing store rang me asking about buying some new tracklights as his current ones were not giving enough light.

He had bought lighting track and tracklights from a well known manufacturer but not one whose products we carry.

After asking him a few more questions, he told me he was using Philips GU10 LED lamps, which of course is a global brand and so the quality was not in question. However, when I asked him to check what the lumen rating was (which is the true measure of how much light a lamp will give) he said it was 250 lm.

Ah ha I said, there’s your problem, but there is a solution which is to use GU10 LED lamps but whose lumen rating is twice those of the Philips i.e. something like this:


He went away a very happy man.

And the moral of the story is? Ask Toplightco first!!