Sunlight improved – the best lighting in the world

During a recent recent to Barcelona I visited the Sangrada Familia, the unique cathedral designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

The size of the building both now and in the future (as its not yet finished) is impressive at 172.5 metres tall, the Sagrada Familia is one of the tallest religious buildings in the world.

Whilst the outside is pretty amazing, the inside inside is truly stunning. Whilst we can do some amazing things with today’s lighting, nothing can compare with the sunlight through the Venetian stained glass.

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Sangrada Familia Light
Sunlight through stained glass
Stained glass in Sangrada Familia
Light in Sangrada Familia
Window in Sangrada Familia

Just how far we will go to satisfy customer needs?

When one of our customers in deepest East Sussex ordered 1 x Kalu 2 Surface Mounted adjustable spotlight fittings he mentioned that he wanted to dim it. No problem we said, just advise your installing electrician that it requires a trailing edge dimmer.

A few days later he called to say that his electrician couldn’t make the dimmer he had bought work with the Kalu. No problem we said, we will obtain a suitable dimmer of the colour and style you want and test it on your exact fitting to make sure it works. We sent in a courier to collect it and a few days later following testing we sent everything back to him.


When Center Parcs contractors placed an urgent order with us for a Myra Straight Outdoor Display Lights and a courier couldn’t get it to them in time for hand over of the new Woburn Site, our MD got in to his car and drove it the 120 miles to them.

That’s how far and further we will go!