Why cheap LED Lighting costs you in the long run

I went to do a site visit this week to a South Bank London Art Supplies store. Lovely people who had been there a few years and were now ready to update their lighting.

Already in the store was a mix of recessed modular fluorescent panels with a motley mix of different coloured tubes from different replacement cycles and several runs of track with again several different LED lamps in the many tracklights.

The overall effect was a very dull, flat light which did no favours at all either to the products on display or the visitors or staff.

As I explained, the LED after market lamps fitted to the (domestic use) tracklights were neither powerful enough nor the right light for bringing out the colours of the art supplies on the shelves, and frankly could have depressed sales over a long period of time as customers could not appreciate what was in front of them.

The right product lighting to use in a medium sized store like this is metal halide lighting, particularly where colours are important like for instance in clothing stores.

I’ll write more about metal halide lighting in a future post.