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How long is delivery (UK) ?

If you are ordering SLV products, Delivery will be 4 - 5 working days direct from Germany via UPS - this does not include the day of ordering if after 12pm. If you are Ordering ONE Light products order by Wednesday 12pm for a delivery the following Tuesday. LEDS-C4 5-7 days.

How long is delivery Worldwide ?

As but usually an additional 2-5 days.

Will I get charged UK VAT if my Order is for delivery outside the UK?

Inside the European Union - No UK VAT, and if your Order is €150 or less, we collect and pay your country's VAT (TVA, IVA, BTW, moms, Mwst) for you. For Orders of €150+ no VAT from the UK or from your country is charged, however, when delivering, the Courier company (UPS, Fedex, DHL etc) will collect it from you before delivery (they will call or email you for payment). 

Where are you located?

London, UK.

Can I collect from your location?

No, we do not have a Retail counter - all Orders are delivered to you by courier.

Can your track be cut?

Yes, all of our tracks can be cut to size when installing.

Can I use track lighting in the bathroom?

Generally no, unless the ceiling height is greater than 3m. Always refer to your installing electrician.

Does the track lighting require a transformer?

Most of our tracks do not require transformers. They are 230V.

Can I hang pendants from track lighting?

Yes, you can. We supply complete pendants or pendant adapters, allowing you to use a shade of your choice.

Which of your downlights are suitable for bathrooms?

You will require a minimum of IP44 for the bathroom ceiling and IP65 if used in a shower. These can be found here

What is the difference between single circuit and multi-circuit tracks?

Single circuit track allows you to switch/dim all the track spots at once. Multi circuit track allows you to switch/dim fittings individually. This works well when looking to create different moods. Each track spot has an adapter with a 3-position switch which then connects to one of the three circuits.

I have existing track lighting and wish to change the track spots. Will your fittings be compatible?

It would be best to email us an image of your existing track system, and we can then advise. On multi-circuit track systems, they are often interchangeable. Unfortunately, most track fittings are not interchangeable on single circuit systems.

Are your downlights fire rated?

Not all of the downlights we offer are fire rated. Look for the fire-rated section on our website.

I would like some track lighting, but my electrical feed is in the middle of my ceiling. What can I do?

This is possible you will need to use a middle feed as opposed to an end feed. Give us a call for a better explanation.

I have a very high ceiling. Can your tracks be suspended?

Yes, they can. We can supply suspension kits for all of our tracks.