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Bathroom Lights

Shop bath lights at Choosing bathroom lights can be a difficult job as for this area you need modern bathroom lights to be both good-looking and waterproof.

There are special requirements for bathroom ceiling lights and for bathroom wall lights. Bath lights are particularly challenging as you will need to use IP67-rated lights for use for bathroom lights in the UK. These requirements could be the perfect way to refresh your Interior Lighting.

Bathroom Lights & Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms are considered to be a 'special location' for electrical installations because they have an increased risk of electric shock for the users, due to the proximity of water.

Electrical contractors make bathroom installations as safe as possible with careful adherence to wiring and building regulations, wise choice of equipment and a good 'splash' of common sense (pardon the pun!).

We all know all the sorts of products that can be found in bathrooms, lighting, showers, fans, heaters, shaver sockets and towel rails. But what are the rules for the installation of these products that contractors must follow and can, using certified products, help them comply with the regulations?

Bathroom Lights UK

The rules: Wiring regulations in the UK: all fixed electrical installations in dwellings must legally comply with BS7671 the 'Requirements for Electrical Installations'. This Standard gives specific guidance on the design, installation, testing, verification and certification of such installations. Section 601, particularly covers 'Locations containing a bath or shower'.

Section 601, divides a bathroom into zones which take into account windows, doors, walls ceilings and partitions and is based on a perceived level of risk zone. Each zone has specific requirements regarding the electrical equipment that can be used in that zone.

Zone 0: the interior of the bathtub or shower basin.

Zone 1: the area around the bathtub or shower basin up to a height of 2.25m above the floor and at a radius of 1.2m from the water outlet.

Zone 2: is limited by the vertical planes external to zone 1 and parallel vertical plane (s) 0.60m external to zone 1.

Products for bathrooms

First and foremost, Electrical equipment used in bathrooms must not be adversely influenced by environmental factors. These can include condensation, humidity, steam, drops of water, or sprays from showers. There are a number of different indicators relating to electrical products that identify the product's safety and suitability for bathroom use.

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