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Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lights

If you’re looking for outdoor lighting ideas you’re in the right place. Whether it’s garden lights you need, or great wall lights, we have a fantastic selection of outdoor lights for you to browse.

Even if you have just a tiny bit of alfresco space, outdoor lighting can make a big difference. Waterproof LED Strip Tape inside weatherprook aluminium profile is extraordinarily versatile and can run on, in or around walls to enhance and uplight borders, walls and tress. Lights outside needn’t take up any room – we have recessed fittings that fit snugly just like they would indoors in your home or business. For security in a larger area, spotlights and floodlights provide the peace of mind you need.

One of the most spectacular uses for outside lights is to uplight tall trees from outdoor garden lights buried inground and shining upwards. In all seasons, be it summer, autumn or winter illuminated trees make a fabulous and elegant spectacle. We have a range of inground driveway lights that can withstand more than a tonne of weight on them making them ideal as driveway marker lights, and smaller, lighter fittings as pathway markers.

For both residential and commercial spaces our range of bollard light posts is one of the widest available in garden lights uk. From smaller spotlights mounted on spikes in borders and flower beds through to large strong and robust bollards mounted on concrete, we have it all.

We even have swimming pool lights which are obviously fully waterproof in both white light and fully colour changeable RGB versions. Of course all outdoor lights especially those used in pool areas need to be carefully installed by qualified electricians – this kind of work is not a DIY project.

Position and the colour of outdoor lights have a major impact on overall lighting schemes, especially when it comes to the outdoors. “Position and angles are very important, and something that you want to be mindful of,”

If you are lighting a pathway on the approach to your garden, you don’t want to point the light from the eaves of the home all the way down to the end of the pathway because it will be right in your eyes. Instead be strategic with angling. And also, be mindful of colour, which is very important. We prefer a warm white colour for use outside but some people prefer cool white or even daylight white.

For those who are looking to create a calming look outside their home also need to be wary of glare. Glare occurs when the light shines into indoor rooms, which can be very distracting. “When there’s glare, you can’t look up. You don’t see the stars because your eyes are overwhelmed and you end up washing out the night sky. Glare can be aggravating to the homeowner as well as the homeowner’s neighbours.”

For any domestic or commercial outdoor lighting from imaginative lighting in trees to markers for driveways and paths, Toplightco’s lights shop sources the best lighting products to help you bring the indoors outdoors. And don’t forget to contact us if you need any lighting advice.