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The Best Bathroom Lighting

The Best Bathroom Lighting: Your Definitive Guide

Modern lighting for bathrooms is a must-have. It helps you settle into your morning and evening routines, relax, and, most importantly, prevent slip and fall accidents that could injure you.

But here's the thing. Illuminating your bathroom space properly calls for more than just scouring the internet for the "best bathroom ceiling lighting ideas".

The ideal lighting fixtures you pick must be positioned perfectly around the room, not only on your ceiling. They should also deliver the right quality of light to brighten up your space and create the ambience you yearn for.

Ultimately, your unique or unusual bathroom ceiling lights should transform your space, giving it the therapeutic feel and look you need to relish every second you spend there.

So, that brings us to the question—what is the best lighting for a bathroom? There are countless options to discover. If you need guidance, read through our roundup of these top seven awesome bathroom lighting ideas that could change the game for you.

Add the right bathroom chandelier

Right bathroom chandelier

Getting a stylish chandelier warrants being in the pool of the best small bathroom lighting ideas today. And impressively, this popular interior design trend also works for larger spaces.

Bathroom chandeliers are bold, a unique aspect that enables them to make a statement and kick your décor up a notch by adding an opulent focal point to your space. Besides, they gently scatter light around your bathroom to illuminate it while increasing colour and warmth.

Even so, keep in mind that these fabulous lighting fixtures only are ideal for those with high ceilings for safety; their bottoms should hang at least 7 I/2' above the floor.

The highly-regarded National Electrical Code (NEC) also recommends hanging a bathroom chandelier at least eight feet above your bathtub's highest rim and three feet away from the fixture.

Pro Tip: Match your gorgeous bathroom chandelier with monochromatic tiles to create a more stunning look.       

Install LED Accent Lights

Get high-quality accent lights if your bathroom has luxurious art deco, a particular area or architectural pieces you'd like to draw attention to. This type of lighting highlights specific areas or objects, turning them into vital focal points in the room.

Bath and basin lighting

Besides, installing accent lights in your bathroom serves several other purposes, including boosting the lighting. It also maximises your space's aesthetic appeal by adding elegance and drama to make it even more inviting.

When you're in the market for accent lighting for your bathroom, your top options should include the following:

  • Beautiful wall-mounted luminaires
  • Unique track lighting
  • The right recessed spotlights

As you seek to make the most of accent lighting in your bathroom space, be sure to pair it with other forms of general lighting, as it might not be enough to illuminate the entire area.

Get Premium Downlights for Your Bathroom

Downlights have become a highly sought-after type of lighting for bathrooms because they evenly illuminate the space, eliminating the need for more lighting fixtures. With their sleek finishes and effectiveness as reliable light sources, consider giving them a shot when hunting for excellent bathroom ceiling lighting ideas.

But remember, there are many bulb wattages, colours and styles available. Make sure to choose dimmable downlights because they give you power over the level of brightness produced. And you can take advantage of that to set the ambience as per your mood.

In addition, ensure you set your downlights' dimmer switches outside your bathroom because you can't have them inside. It's also critical to confirm the lighting you install in your classy bathroom space is suitably IP rated (an IP65 rating is advisable) for use in such an installation zone for your safety.

Pro Tip: Angle the downlights to illuminate particular aspects of your bathroom, such as the basin or tub, for a more impressive overall effect.

Add Glamor with a Pendant Light

Most people have never thought of pendant lights as the main lighting fixtures for their bathrooms. But when installed right, they make a great ambient and task lighting option, especially if you're a sucker for a contemporary look.

You can also have a pendant light in your bathroom as a decorative piece. In this case, consider placing it near your bathroom mirror, or by a corner in the room.

Bathroom mirror lights


Before settling for pendant lighting for your bathroom, you must determine the primary purpose that it'll serve.

For instance, if you're installing it solely for illumination, ensure it emits bright white light—you don't want to be tripping in your own bathroom due to poor lighting.

On the other hand, pendant lights for aesthetics don't have to be that bright; they can even be colourful, depending on your taste.






Improve Ambiance with Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets

Here's another fantastic lighting idea to brighten your bathroom space. Bathroom mirror cabinets with lights do more than just provide storage space for your toiletries and hygiene products—they also add to the light in your space and help create a more contemporary look.

Even better, illuminated bathroom cabinets leverage LED technology, which allows you to customise them as you wish. You can always adjust the colour of the lighting to one that suits your décor and mood on a particular day.

What's more, some come with Bluetooth speakers to let you enjoy relaxing hits while you soak in the bath.

However, beware that bathroom cabinets with lights are best placed right above your bathroom sink or close to it. Otherwise, you'll lack easy access to the products you might store inside, though your space will still be illuminated.

Go Natural

Natural bathroom lighting

Sometimes, natural lighting is enough to illuminate your bathroom. Although it's not a necessity, it has a plethora of perks for you to enjoy.

For instance, the morning light makes you feel awake, happy and energised, making it exactly what you need to start your day. It also increases your connection to nature and helps you relax after a long day at work or outdoors.

If your bathroom is small, natural lighting can make it feel bigger.

Be sure to install light-sensitive blinds in your bathroom area to keep the sun out when you've had enough of it and long for a cool space.

And you don't have to go for traditional blinds. Leveraging smart technology, a top interior lighting design trend, gives you access to smart blinds that you can open and close via voice command or your smartphone. 

Match Lighting Fixtures with Bathroom Décor

Choose your bathroom lighting fixtures based on how you want to pull together the room's décor.

For instance, your wall lights' finish can match your bathroom cabinets' handles and glass shower grids to achieve a more cohesive look.

Acheive a cohesive look with bathroom lighting

To implement this bathroom lighting idea, ensure that the finishes complement each other or the fittings and lighting products interact well.

Pro Tip: The finishes can be different. Factually, mixing them can deliver a more fascinating and layered appearance.

Find Affordable Modern Lighting for Bathrooms at Toplightco

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In addition, we have top-of-the-range packaging components to reduce defective rates and ensure you receive your bathroom lights as ordered. Our lighting professionals are also ready to support you throughout the installation process to deliver the most gratifying customer experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can LED lights be installed in the bathroom?

LED lighting is recommended for bathrooms because it's environmentally friendly and less susceptible to overheating. Besides, these lights also come in a vast array of designs to suit your unique lighting needs, regardless of where you want to place them.

How should I illuminate my bathroom that lacks natural light?

Illuminated mirrors are an excellent lighting choice for blind bathrooms, especially if they're small since they create the illusion of more space. Feel free to combine them with other lights, such as ceiling, recessed, spotlights and wall lights, to guarantee enough lighting.

What's the best way to brighten up a bathroom?

You can make your bathroom brighter by installing suitable, stylish lighting fixtures, depending on the available space and décor. Also, consider adding a backlit mirror and painting bright colours like white, pastel, hot pink, and yellow to lighten up the room.

How many bathroom lights should I install?

Install at least one decent-sized recessed lighting fixture if you have a small bathroom. You'll need several lights to illuminate a larger space adequately. Be sure to install them in different places, like on your ceiling, under the cabinet, or above the mirror, to brighten up your large bathroom.

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