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Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas & Tips: Lighting Guide

Some people overlook indoor lighting for their bedrooms when illuminating their homes, arguing that they primarily go there to sleep, so the space deserves less attention. But they're dead wrong.

 The bedroom is your personal haven. It's where you start and finish each day, dress up for work and other important events, enjoy the most romantic moments with your partner and even lose yourself in a good read when your schedule allows it.

 This makes getting the best lighting for your bedroom a top priority. You want a well-lit space that is also sufficiently cosy, functional and delightful—which you can easily create with modern bedroom lighting.

 Still, you must sift through the many lights for an aesthetic bedroom available on the market to find what suits your space perfectly.

Wondering where to start? 

These awesome large and small bedroom lighting ideas will help bring light and life to your sleeping space. Leverage them to draw attention to the most attractive areas, create some snug spots, and transform the energy to ensure you relish every moment you spend there.

Make a Statement with Overhead Lighting

If you're looking to light up your bedroom evenly without installing any fixtures on your wall, overhead lighting is the way to go. These lights are great for ambient lighting. They don't require any sockets and only take up space on your ceiling, meaning most of your cosy bedroom will be clear.

 You have an extensive list of options to explore when looking for overhead lights to brighten up your bedroom and create a warm, relaxing atmosphere, including:


Bedroom chandeliers are the epitome of sophistication. They add a dash of style to your space while offering much-needed light to illuminate it.

 Chandeliers come in different designs to suit your specific preferences. When choosing yours, look for a style that resonates with your heart.

 And remember to factor in size, too—an extremely large or small chandelier can lead to a disproportional look. Therefore, consider the lighting fixture's measurements and your ceiling height before making a purchase decision.

 You can place the chandelier in the centre of your bedroom. Or right above your bed, depending on the latter's size and that of hanging light.

Recessed Lights

Downlights are also an excellent option for installing overhead lighting in your bedroom. Like the chandeliers, they are a reliable source of ambient lighting, and you can count on them to make you feel like you're "bathing in sunlight".

Plus, recessed lights deliver a clean look to instantly improve your mood, and create the illusion of space, thanks to their capability to provide direct, evenly distributed lighting.

Expert Tip: Use LED downlights for accent lighting to highlight the most striking décor items in your bedroom, such as classic art pieces, wallpaper or textured walls. You can also install them in your closet to boost visibility.

Enhance Décor with Matching Table Lamps

Getting table lamp pairs is another fantastic idea for your bedroom lighting. These fixtures are handy when you want to read or perform other tasks, such as locating your phone in the middle of the night. They also spruce up your bedroom, so they're ideal if you want to improve the interior décor.

The first aspect to consider when choosing a table lamp is the size—larger rooms require larger lamps. In addition, ensure the lighting fixture is at eye level to prevent you from straining when reading. Then, place its switch near your bed, allowing you to turn it on and off without getting out of bed.

Expert Tip: Achieve a bolder look by placing oversized table lamps on both sides of your bed.

Create Harmony with Layered Lighting

Use layered lighting to brighten your bedroom and create a more harmonious look. All you're required to do is leverage the three main types of lighting—task, ambient and accent.

 For ambient lighting, explore the awesome ideas we've discussed above (downlights and chandeliers). You can also get several floor lamps and wall sconces to deliver enough lighting. 

Task lighting is critical if, for instance, your bedroom doubles as a makeup room or office. A desk lamp is a must-have to help you work or read, while wall lighting around or beside your mirror allows you to transform your face effortlessly.

Use accent lighting to highlight your bedroom's art and other beautiful, unique features.

And remember, you don't have to use all three types of lighting when creating layers of light in your bedroom. Only install fixtures that fit in effortlessly so that the space doesn't look congested or too bright to make you uncomfortable.

At the same time, do your homework before investing in your bedroom lighting. Be sure to learn the difference between luminance and illuminance to select the best fixtures for your space, depending on your needs.

 For instance, understanding luminance helps you determine the ideal brightness of your bedroom lights.

Increase Warmth with Pendant Lighting

A few years ago, homeowners preferred installing pendant lights in the kitchens and dining areas to other parts of their houses.

 But today, it's common to find these simple yet elegant lighting fixtures in the bedroom because they add drama and a warm glow that shines through the space to make you feel cosier. 

 Most people also like pendant lights because they are inexpensive compared to their more sophisticated versions—chandeliers.

Choosing Pendant Lighting for Your Bedroom

Like many other lighting fixtures, suspenders come in a wide range of shapes, styles and shades, so you have to put your needs first when buying them for your bedroom.

 For instance, whenever you need task or accent lighting, go for pendant lights with a fabric-covered shade, as it holds back ambient lighting. You can position it above your bedside cabinet instead of getting a lampshade.

 Pendants with opaque lampshades focus their light downwards. Although they are great for highlighting specific areas and look spectacular, they are not suitable for an activity like reading.

If you're new to the game, here are more tips to utilize when installing pendant lighting in your bedroom:

  • Ensure the pendant lights' size is proportional to the size of your bed and the bedside table below it
  • Confirm the design and shape of your pendant light match your bedroom décor
  • If you get more than one pendant light, install a switch for each so you can control them separately
  • Place pendant lights above a piece of furniture instead of hanging them on the walls
  • Steer clear of open designs as they might be too bright for the bedroom space, especially if you have other light sources

Get the Best Modern Bedroom Lighting at Toplightco

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Notably, Toplightco has been in business for 16+ years, and our experienced professionals have completed countless projects across the country. So, you can count on us to do the job exactly as you want, without delay, helping you create your dream sleeping space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What lighting is most suitable for bedrooms?

Every bedroom requires ambient, task and decorative lighting to create a relaxing, functional space.

The type of lights for an aesthetic bedroom you pick comes down to your décor, tastes, and what you typically do in your bedroom. For instance, general lighting or a table lamp is necessary if you read a lot.

In addition, ensure all your bedroom lights boast the same temperature, so they don't clash. Ideally, it should range from 2,700K to 3,000K, which most people often refer to as 'warm white'. And its appearance is between yellow-white and orange.

How can I make mood lights in my bedroom?

Create a good ambience in your bedroom with layered lighting. You can have downlights to brighten up the entire space, a few lampshades for task lighting and a pendant light to provide softer lighting to boost the mood and interior design. 

The key to mood lighting is forming different layers and levels of lighting around the bedroom. The fixtures you choose must complement other aspects of the space, including the mirrors and paint colours.

Which is the best way to illuminate my small bedroom?

Wall lights are perfect for tight spaces; you can install them as dimmable recesses for ultimate convenience.

 Also, consider a table lamp, a small chandelier, and several lighting fixtures strategically positioned around the room. If you go for bedside lights, ensure they match your space; they don't necessarily have to look alike.

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