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How to light a dining room.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas: How to Light a Dining Room

Most of us prioritize decorating our dining rooms because we spend much time there, enjoying delicious meals and connecting with our loved ones. But how often do we get it right? Sad to say, it's easy to focus on big-ticket items like fancy tables without giving much thought to modern dining room lighting.

However, nothing beats impactful large or small dining room lighting ideas. They make your space convivial by adding contrast, warmth, cohesion and even a dash of sultry drama. On top of that, over-dining table lighting ideas increase workability to enable you to see every bite you savour, making sufficient illumination a necessity.

Nevertheless, before hitting up your trusted lights shop, we recommend arming yourself with handy information to light up your space properly. Reading this piece is a great place to start, as we'll offer simple – though unbelievably effective – dining table lighting ideas you should try out. Let's begin!

Focus on Creating the Right Ambience

As most homeowners can attest, a comfy dining space is everything. Therefore, when lighting your dining room, you must decide the ambience you want to create. And use aspects like colour, brightness and temperature to achieve your goal.

For instance, if you long to add warmth and make your dining room cosier, consider stylish wall lights and chandeliers with yellow bulbs. Additionally, arched floor lamps can deliver the coveted soft glow to make your space homier or even more romantic.

Sometimes, you can even think of your dining room as a space full of art, and in need of illumination to display your best pieces. Ask yourself, "Which gallery lighting best showcases my work?" This helps you pick options that guarantee the three must-have types of lighting – task, accent and general – and ensure they match every other aspect of your dining room.

Factor in Your Furniture

Often, we endeavour to match our furniture with the lights when implementing kitchen lighting ideas. How about following the same rule when lighting up your dining room? Because a cohesive look is the holy grail, take your time to pick only the pieces that fit right into the space, whether it’s a sophisticated pendant light or antique chandelier.

The first thing to mull over is the shape of your dining table. If, for instance, the piece of furniture is rectangular, two or more round light fixtures over it are perfect. Round dining tables also look amazing when paired with round chandeliers or pendant lights, so there are no fixed rules to guide you here.Dining lighting anywhere

Additionally, your furniture style can come into play when selecting your dining room lights. Pairing ultra-modern lighting fixtures with antique or older pieces delivers much-needed contrast. Adding decor items like unique art makes an even better combo.

The over-dining table lighting ideas you use will also depend on your preferences because, at the end of the day, you need to see a fixture you like whenever you step into your dining room. But no matter your choice, remember to provide sufficient ambient lighting to make the space functional.

Mix and Match Lighting Fixtures

Installing lighting fixtures with similar features can be downright boring. Conversely, blending several of them can create a sense of harmony and take your dining room's décor to the next level. But unfortunately, making the most of this trick can be a tad bit challenging for beginners, especially with an open-concept design.

Ideally, your dining room lights should boast colours, styles, and shapes that complement each other. Try layering your lighting to achieve the best pairings. For example, a chandelier over your dining room table for soft ambient lighting will look great, with a table lamp in one of the room's corners for accent lighting.Dining table with chandelier over

To add contrast, you can also combine different styles when choosing your dining room lighting, such as contemporary and traditional. As you do so, avoid these commonplace mistakes homeowners make when mixing and matching dining lights:

  • Selecting lights based on their aesthetic appeal only; functionality is important too.
  • Sticking to old lighting designs because you want to be safer, as opting for newer, more sophisticated lighting styles can flop.
  • Installing too many lighting fixtures in your dining room—it conveys uncertainty and creates discomfort.
  • Failure to seek help when selecting your dining lights; a fresh pair of eyes, preferably an expert's, could help you blend your lighting perfectly.

Add a Unique Dramatic Touch with a Chandelier

Ultimately, you need dramatic lighting to make an impact and create the desired atmosphere in your dining room.Dramatic chandelier lighting

A chandelier is one of your best bets in this case—but you must choose a suitable one. The lighting fixture should be the right size because one too small or large could mess up your entire lighting design. As a rule of thumb, its diameter should be between a half and two-thirds of your dining table's length. Hang the decorative light high enough to create a 30-36 inch distance between it and the furniture's top.

But as they say, "rules are meant to be broken." An oversized chandelier could also create much-needed drama and make your space one of a kind.

Either way, remember to do the following when choosing a chandelier for your dining room:

  • Ensure the fixture complements your dining room's architectural style
  • Choose a decorative fixture that provides just the right amount of light based on whether you require accent, task or ambient lighting.
  • Keep pace with the trends to get the most innovative chandeliers on the market.
  • Stick to your budget; some chandeliers can be inconceivably expensive.

Play It Safe with Our Modern Dining Room Lighting

When lighting your dining room, you don't want to leave anything to chance. That's why, Toplightco – the leading light supplier in the UK – is ready to step in and help you create the cosy, practical space you've always wanted.

As a licensed and insured residential and commercial lighting provider, we have an extensive inventory of up-to-the-minute dining room lighting to suit your needs. We've got everything from show-stopping chandeliers and stylish pendant lights to fancy lamps and premium ceiling lights.

At Toplightco, we have ultimate professionalism and passion at the core of our service. Best believe you'll get top value for your money. Besides providing you with innovative lights for your dining room, we'll save you the hassle of installing them or hiring someone else.

Because our staff boasts years of experience, we're in a good position to offer expert advice on getting your dining room lighting right, whether yours is a tiny or massive space. Are you all set to transform your dining space? Call us at 0207 183 5252 today.



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