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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Kitchen

Are you planning a kitchen redesign?  The best modern kitchen lighting ideas are precisely what you need. Tell you what, they can deliver the refreshing transformative effect your space yearns for, even if it's new.  Besides boosting functionality, they'll improve the aesthetics and create a relaxing ambience, making the room ideal for preparing tasty delicacies, entertaining and unwinding with your loved ones.

Of course, if your space is a bit tight, you might stress over getting your lighting design right.  But you shouldn't.  With a little flexibility and several practical and creative small kitchen lighting ideas, you can pull it off, no matter the position of your kitchen island.

Here, we'll explore the best kitchen lighting ideas to ace your next lighting and décor plan, regardless of the room's size.  If you're hunting for ultra-modern indoor lighting – including modern kitchen ceiling lights – in the UK, we'll also put you on the right track to help you create your dream kitchen space.  Let's roll!

Start with Your Kitchen Island

If executed right, kitchen island lighting ideas draw much-needed attention to the centre of the room, adding warmth and providing essential task lighting for meal prep, dining, and informal family gatherings.

 One of the essential aspects to think about when looking for island lighting is the style and colour. You want lighting fixtures that complement your kitchen design but aren't too obtrusive.

 A pendant light is a fantastic choice to create a focal point, but you must select the right one.  Ideally, the bottom of the fixture should be 30-32 inches above your kitchen island's surface.  Also, ensure it's at least 70-72 inches from the floor, lest the lighting will obstruct your view as you work on the countertop unit.

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Kitchen

How Many Kitchen Island Lights Should I Install? 

This is a popular question among homeowners.  To figure out the ideal number of pendant lights to install over your kitchen island, consider the following:


  • The size of the countertop unit/island length
  • The size of the pendant lights
  • Pendant light design

Most people follow the "rule of three" when installing pendant lighting for kitchen islands, translating into three appropriately-sized fixtures.  But you can put more or less, depending on the abovementioned aspects.  For instance, two pendant lights about 15 inches apart are perfect for a 7-foot island.

Make the Most of Layered Lighting

Your kitchen lighting scheme is only complete with the three layers or types of lighting required to make the space appealing and functional—ambient, task and accent.  Grasping these critical elements can truly make the kitchen the heart of your home.  But you must choose your lighting fixtures carefully and ensure proper placement.

Layering Lighting in Your Kitchen

Explore the most effective kitchen ceiling light ideas for ambient lighting to brighten the whole space.  A centrally-located lighting fixture can get the job done. However,  you don't have to install a single light; you can opt for strings of track lighting or downlights, depending on what you see fit.  It's best to position these lights near major appliances such as your fridge and cooker for maximum visibility.


Layering Lighting in Your Kitchen

Examples of task lights include modern kitchen island lighting or LED lights under your cabinets to perform activities such as preparing meals.  For accent lighting, consider kitchen wall light ideas that match other fittings in the room.  As you do that, consider these valuable tips: 

  • Install wall lighting above an open shelf in your kitchen
  • Apply the rule of three by positioning three wall lights in a row above your work area
  • Make a statement using recessed uplights to light up parts of a textured wall in your kitchen or other exclusive room features.
  • Put matching hand-painted lampshades on one or more walls in the kitchen
  • Add a swing-arm lamp over your work area, or kitchen island

Incorporate Artistic Lighting Designs

Choosing the right lights to brighten a kitchen is challenging for most beginners.  Illumination for art is even trickier because it ups the stakes, and one wrong choice can ruin your entire lighting scheme.  But that doesn't mean you can't kill it.  If you're open to some excellent ideas, the following recommendations can help you achieve an inviting look.

LED String Lights

LED String Lights for Kitchen


Easy to install, affordable, and conveniently versatile, string lights can enable you to beautifully illuminate your kitchen, especially during the much-awaited holiday season. Thankfully, these lighting options are available in numerous sizes and shapes, so finding the perfect strand that suits your décor is a piece of cake. 

You can use string lights to create exciting figures or convey a message to your loved ones. But while you pick your options from the market, remember to be consistent with the colours and shapes to achieve a more cohesive look. We also suggest using innovative technological features such as timers and dimmers to manage the lights.

Wall Washers

As their name suggests, these fixtures "wash walls" in light, meaning you must place them directly above or beneath your kitchen walls.  We recommend LED options because they're energy-efficient and can consume minimal electricity even if you leave them on for a long time.  Wall washers with RGB technology are best because they allow you to change the lighting colour to match your mood.

Hang a Chandelier to Increase Grandeur

Chandelier Grandeur for Kitchen
Most homeowners use chandeliers for their bathroom lighting ideas to add a dash of elegance to the room. Unsurprisingly, these magnificent lighting fixtures also fit right into compact and large kitchen spaces when you want to create a sophisticated lighting design.

You can hang your chandelier in several places, including over the dining table or kitchen island. If you have plenty of space, the lighting fixture doesn't have to be above these pieces of furniture. Consider positioning it in the middle of the room or any other area you see fit, as long as it matches the layout and suits your decor or lighting needs.

Choosing the Right Chandelier for Your Kitchen

When scouring the market for the perfect chandelier to grace your kitchen, consider its size. If, for instance, you want to place it above your dining area, ensure it's not larger than 1/2-3/4 of your table's width. Additionally, the lighting fixture should be at least 30 inches above the piece of furniture.

Something else to look out for when buying a kitchen chandelier is style. Are you hoping to create a contemporary or traditional design? Your goal should help you decide on features such as finishes. For instance, a chrome and satin nickel finish helps achieve a modern look, while bronze fits into both avant-garde and conventional lighting schemes. 

Let Us Help

Certainly, illuminating your kitchen is a priority. If you're in the UK looking for quality kitchen island lighting to implement your modern décor ideas or layer your lighting to create an elegant, functional space, make your first stop at Toplightco.

As a reputable and trusted online light store serving the UK, we understand everything that goes into lighting up all home spaces, whether small or large. Our experienced lighting experts are ready to help you identify the most fitting lights for your kitchen and even install them for you. What's more, we guarantee:

  • Timely delivery
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Affordable pricing
  • A wide range of kitchen lights

Ready to transform your kitchen with the best kitchen lighting ideas? Contact us now.

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